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Electric Motor Repair 

Electric Motor Repair is One of Our Services

We are a reliable electric motor repair service company and replace and repair water pumps, water filtration systems and improve them. We work on both AC, DC, and Universal Motors with or without any converters. With all the years in business, we have seen many products in the pump industry change over the years. Like all products, most things grow better and more efficient over time. It has also made the electric motor repair easier with all of the kinks pulled out over the years. In many cases, electric motors have become lighter and more compact, easier to repair, install, and remove. We examine all the options before we do anything, and if the cost of repair is more than the motor, we leave the choice to the customer if they want it repaired or replaced.

Another highly regarded name brand is Makita. We use their tools as well as a few other brands as well. When they break, it is also critical we find a Makita tool repair near me so we can get back to work at full capacity. Like the power tools, we always have extras, but we want to remain at 100 percent. Makita tools help us a great deal in the cleanup process. Since the water pumps are outside and workers can leave a mess behind, these yard tools like vacuums, blowers, weedeaters (To get to some water pumps), and pole hedge trimmers make our lives easier and helps us to get out of the customer's way quickly. Their tools are by choice with cords or cordless and everything we have on the truck we use.

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