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Professional Water Pump Installation

How Can A Professional Water Pump Installation Make Lives Better?

Here at Franklin Motors Pumps & Tools, we make people's lives better by setting up a professional water pump installation. There is no more extraordinary gift than to bring people fresh, clean water. We are a locally owned and family operated business that does our best to serve our customers. We offer competitive pricing among our competitors, whom we also respect. We put a lot of pride into our business to bring the best prices, service, and smiles to brighten up your day as you receive that freshwater from a professional water pump installation. Philip Spence is our company director, who carries forty plus years of experience. After installing the water pump, we can always service it, should any problems arise. We also have farm-related pumps that we service, and we cover all the brand names like; Davey, Onga, Lowara, Davies and Dab. We can even remove that old water pump for you too!

Water is the primary source of life, as we all know it. Three to five days is the most extended science tells us a person can live without water. So, if everyone needs good, clean, and crystal clear drinking water, we can help. We can install a drinking water filtration system to fit the customers' needs for that good old H2O. Our drinking water filtration system works through UV treatment, and through a water softener system attached to the drinking water filtration system, we hold so proudly. Many people have hard water where it leaves behind a gritty corroded look to everything metal. Eventually, it will eat its way through the metal, but it doesn't look nice when it comes out of the faucets. It also does a number or two on our insides, and it is not healthy over time. Our systems eliminate all of these problems and many more with the water.

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